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Yoga Pilates Foam Roller Gym Fitness

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A versatile massage yoga foam roller to get you in shape and tone up in your own home or at the gym. This will stimulate circulation and increase flexibility. 45 x 15cm compact size will allow you to use it at home or take it to the workout. Not only will this attractive fitness enhancer help you tone and strengthen, it will serve as your very own personal masseuse. This foam massage roller is ideal for yoga and Pilates classes, fitness routines and even for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. 

The massage roller allows you to target the muscle group you need to focus on. It’s great for the lower back and eases the soft tissue tightness of the legs, hamstrings and glutes. By stretching your muscles during workouts, you will increase blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. 


  • 45 x 14cm
  • Weight: 0.45kg
  • High-density EVA foam construction
  • Light-weight and mobile
  • For the home or gym workout